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New Zealand Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong

Individual Membership Application

Upon clicking “Submit” above the following happens:

You are then fully registered as a member of  NZCCHK and we look forward to your participation.

If you have any queries, please contact exec.officer@nzcchk.com 

Once you have clicked the submit icon above or have submitted the hard copy membership application, your application will be considered by NZCCHK via its membership sub-committee.

NZCCHK’s membership sub-committee reserves the right to approve or decline any application upon receipt.

Applications that are approved will be responded to (usually within one month) with a welcome letter and applicants will become full members of NZCCHK under the respective membership category.

Applicants that are declined will have the right to submit a request for reconsideration of the decision to decline membership. Such submission must be received by NZCCHK at its registered office within one month of notice of the application’s refusal and should include:

Any submission for reconsideration will be placed before the full management committee of NZCCHK at its next scheduled meeting (usually held once every six weeks).

The content of the submission will be reviewed by the full management committee and a decision made as to the approval or otherwise of the submission.

If an applicant is approved following reconsideration, a welcome letter will be forwarded to the applicant (as above).

If an applicant’s application is declined, the applicant will be advised and will be entitled to a refund of any subscription paid (e.g. by way of online application) less any credit card charges that may have been applied.

Any subscription refund will be processed: (a) as soon as practicable after one month has passed since notice of application refusal; or (b) where a submission for reconsideration has been submitted, as soon as practicable after one month has passed since notice of reconsideration refusal.

The decision of any application for reconsideration is at the sole discretion of NZCCHK and will be final. No further correspondence will be entered into.

What happens if my membership application is declined?
What happens once you’ve clicked “Submit” above?