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The size of a credit card, the APEC Business Travel Card gives accredited business people streamlined entry to participating APEC economies. This occurs through a simple pre-clearance system that allows business people, through a single application, to obtain multiple short-term entry to these economies.

The card means an end to the time consuming need to apply for visas or entry permits and an end to long airport queues on entry.

Participating jurisdictions include: Australia, Brunei, Chile, the People's Republic of China, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Malaysia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Peru, the Philippines, Russia, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan and Vietnam. The United States and Canada are transitional members of the scheme (limited benefits apply).

Cardholders enjoy

•    pre-cleared entry to participating APEC economies (no need to apply for visas or entry permits)

•    multiple short-term entry to these economies; cards are valid for five years

•    faster immigration processing on arrival

•    entry and exit through special APEC lanes at major airports.

Who’s eligible?

Business people who:

•    are passport holders of participating economies

•    travel regularly to conduct trade and investment activities in those economies

•    have not been convicted of a criminal offence.


An APEC Business Travel Card is normally issued with a validity period of five years. Upon expiry there is no automatic renewal. Holders of APEC cards must reapply afresh for a replacement card. As it takes time for the approvals process, and to ensure uninterrupted use of the APEC card facility, experience suggests holders should apply for a new [replacement] card around six months prior to the expiry of their current card.

Changed passport?

If an APEC card holder renews his/her passport during the term of the APEC card, they should contact the issuing APEC card office for reissue of a replacement card bearing the revised passport details. A new card is issued without the need to go through the approvals process.


New Zealand passort holders download the application form here. Application form
will open in a new window and in pdf format.This form is issued by the New Zealand
Immigration Service.

IIf you are the holder of a Hong Kong Permanent Identity Card, you may be able to apply for a Hong Kong issued APEC Business Travel Card even though you hold a foreign passport. Details are available from the Hong Kong Immigration Department here.

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