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New Zealand Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong

New Zealand Chamber of
Commerce in Hong Kong
meets for networking drinks
every third Tuesday
of the month at the
Mirage Bar (Lobby)
Renaissance Harbour View
Wan Chai, Hong Kong
6:30 to 8:30pm
No reservations
Just turn up & enjoy


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        Corporate Application

Online Membership Application
Corporate Gold and Corporate Member

The prime objectives of the New Zealand Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong (NZCCHK) are to provide a recognised forum between New Zealand, Hong Kong and the People’s Republic of China to discuss and promote business ideas, create a supportive environment that actively encourages and assist individuals and companies seeking to increase business and trade, and to promote and expand the business and general awareness  of New Zealand.

NZCCHK holds regular functions which are informative and provide an opportunity to network with other members.

Once a member, we hope you will support these events.

We welcome your participation by  offering to serve on one of the sub-committees, become a spokesperson on specific topics or offer suggestions for functions an/or speakers.

Please complete the following form to apply for Corporate Gold membership.

Upon submitting this form, NZCCHK will issue an invoice addressed to your company for the Corporate Gold annual membership subscription, currently HKD 12,000 or Corporate annual membership subscription, currently  HKD 6,600.

There is currently  no joining fee.

The annual subscription is payable each year on the anniversary month of the date of joining.

Note that Corporate and Corporate Gold Gold membership is in the name of a business (not an individual). Individuals representing the business are referred to as “nominees”. By submitting this online application form, the member and its nominees agree to abide by the rules of  NZCCHK (available via our Membership page).

If you prefer not to apply online, you may download a pdf copy of this application form here. If using this method, you can mail the application form to NZCCHK, GPO Box 10159, Hong Kong enclosing your cheque (payable to “New Zealand Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong”) for the subscription.

What happens once you’ve clicked “Submit” above?

Upon clicking “Submit” above the following happens:

1) You will asked to complete a Captcha anti-spam form as provided by our web software to confirm you’re not a robot. If  you don’t complete this, your application will not be submitted.

2) Your details will be forwarded to NZCCHK immediately upon completing the Captcha code.

3) Upon receipt, we will commencing processing your application. This will include [a] entering your details into our membership database; [b] approval process in terms of the Chambers’ rules; and [c] issuing an invoice to you for the appropriate subscription amount (either HKD12,000 or HKD6,600 depending on category).

4) The invoice, which should be paid upon presentation, will be sent to you in pdf format to either [a] the “General E-mail” address entered above or [b] if no “General E-mail” is detailed, to the e-mail address of  “Nominee 1” as entered above.

5) You will receive a “Welcome to NZCCHK” e-mail.

6) The NZCCHK website will be updated as follows: [a] your logo will be displayed on our Home Page in the scrolling new members’ “Welcome” box and Corporate Members listing; and [b] your logo and brief description will be displayed on our Corporate Members page and include your logo, summary and hyperlink to your company home page. Depending on your product or service offering, you may also qualify for listing on our KiwiShop page.

7) Your Corporate Nominees detailed above are automatically subscribed to our weekly newsletter “This Week”.

You are then fully registered as a member of  NZCCHK and we look forward to your participation.

If you have any queries, please contact exec.officer@nzcchk.com


Corporate Gold members may choose up to two more nominees.

How shall we contact you for general matters?:

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Corporate Membership Application

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